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The Wells Collection combines the imaginative ideas, works, objects and thoughts of Utah interior designer, Kelsey Wells.
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Modern Vintage Country Dining Room Transformation

I know modern/vintage is an oxymoron. But it is also a design style!! Well at least now it is haha. I usually am not too concerned with following a particular design style because most of my clients don’t fit into one box. They love what they love and usually that is quite a mix! Good thing eclecticism is IN! Don’t get me wrong, there is definitely beauty in designing a pure style and I do LOVE doing that as well. And now I am rambling. ANYWAYSSS  this space! It went from dark and dated to fresh, cheery, and inviting. But before we get to the reveal I just have to talk about something, actually someone, SO AWESOME!! If you haven’t heard of Carissa Miss before, do yourself a favor and go check out her beautiful blog! This girl is the sweetest thing and so talented. She helped me shoot a few rooms in one of my clients homes and gave me some amazing photography tips. This is one of those rooms- so pic cred goes to her! I will be posting the others in the coming weeks, as soon as I get around to editing (it only took me a month to get around to editing this first room haha).

OK, so here are the before photos! Though the furniture was classic, it was not my client’s style, and the room in whole was dark and needed updating.

Dining Before


Dining Room Before


And here are the afters! We did not change the flooring, wainscotting, or window treatments, but added grasscloth wallpaper! Though the grasscloth is darker, I kept the rest of the furnishings light and neutral so the space would feel open and bright. I brought in color through the floral rug and the abstract framed art.

Bright and Cheery Dining Room

Modern Country Dining Room

White Crystal Cage Chandelier

Stunning White Chandelier

Stunning Dining Room

Perfect Head Chairs

Floral Rug in Dining Room

Classic White China Cabinet

Beautiful China Hutch

Beautiful White Dining Room

Bright and Unique Dining Room

What do you think!? What is your favorite part? What is your dining room style?! Feel free to email me for sources.



Kelsey Wells
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